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About Us
Kodiak, Alaska

A Tradition of Excellence

The Koniag family of companies spans diverse sectors of commerce and development. Although their work varies, they share a high potential for growth, a commitment to excellence, and together provide strength and stability to the Koniag portfolio.

Our subsidiaries’ services include cultural and natural resource assessments; physical and information security; construction management; fluid reprocessing technology; environmental management; telecom asset management; logistics, IT services, GSA schedule consulting, and government contract marketing. Our products range from highly complex manuals to telecom management software to composite aircraft parts. We are always seeking to broaden our opportunities for new business relationships.

We invite you to learn more. Visit us at www.koniag.com

KTS’ Sister Companies in Koniag’s Government Services Sector

Koniag Services, Inc. (KSI)
An award-winning, 15-year veteran in the field of IT service and solutions with in-depth experience in complex enterprise environments, supporting Department of Defense, Federal Agency, and Civilian mission-critical customer requirements.  KSI was recently ranked #7 by Washington Business Journal as one of the Top 25 Small Technology Business.  Washington Business ranked KSI #3 of the Nation’s Fastest Growing Companies.

Find out more about KSI at: www.ksikoniag.com

Frontier Systems Integrator, LLC (FSI)

Protecting people, assets and information for the Federal Government is a sensitive function, and Frontier Systems Integrator, a Koniag subsidiary, has gained the trust and Top Secret security clearance necessary to perform these services. Based in Fairfax, Virginia; Frontier expanded its scope from data and telecommunications security to physical security. Frontier provides information assurance, communications engineering, force protection and facility management; and a full spectrum of physical security support including armed and unarmed security officers, intrusion detection and surveillance, VIP escort, access control, threat assessment, analysis and planning and facilities operation and maintenance.

Find out more about FSI at: www.frontier-si.com

Professional Computing Resources, Inc. (PCR)

With more than 20 years in the business, PCR is experienced in all aspects of telephone company operations as well as private network management. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan; PCR provides powerful customized telemanagement software solutions to integrate, streamline and simplify the management of your entire voice and data network. COMIT, the newest PCR full-service, integrated software anticipates the next generation of communication tools and provides adaptable products that include billing, inventory, network tracking, workforce management and automated recordkeeping. COMIT and PCR bridge the gap between existing and emerging technologies, and provide scalable service for organizations with phone systems between 5,000 and 20,000 devices or work stations. PCR is currently developing a new product for systems under 5,000 work stations.

Find out more about PCR at: www.pcr.com